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Roy Team

Roy Team
Roy Team

All you need is a community idea, and at ROY.TEAM you get all the tools you need to work transparently with your team to create and manage your community and member activity for free.

Roy Team
Roy Team
A network for community growth
  • Everything you love and think is important - in one place
  • You can see the whole picture of social life in the region
  • The first social network with identity protection
how does it work?

Create a community account as a site


Gaining access to the admin area


Creating content


Distribute content


Attracting participants


Doing activities together

Product Features and USP
  • Tools for work + social network + media resource
  • Social network based on the security of personal data
  • The platform is free.Take a fee if you earn through the platform and for paid integrations.
  • The main toolkit-registration and verification of communities, mapping the activity of the region.
  • We give tools to work with, admins create communities themselves, and distribute content, attract users.
  • We do social media integrations, set up SEO to help do maximum coverage.
  • We don't collect or store user data, all verification and data sharing is at the community level.
  • Verified communities are more trusted by the platform, we help them spread the word and attract donations.
  • Those on the platform are incognito-all management is manual. They have access to the basic version, attract users and distribute content by the admin himself.

People united by common ideas should get a simple and easy tool to achieve better results

Roy Team
  • embedded anonymous chats
  • notifications
  • task board
  • two-level decision-making system
  • discussions
  • event feed
  • polls and voting
  • general knowledge base
  • embedded news resource
  • map of regional activities
  • events
  • verification / ssi
  • donation and membership fee collection
  • rewards system and more

our mission:

to engage people in collaborative activities, to show the diversity of social group activities and the connections between them that make us an indivisible society.

communities map
business goals
  • Attract 100,000 users in the first 12 months of operation.
  • Create 5,000 communities on the platform in the first 12 months of operation.
800 users
Created functionality for registration and community management with an integrated news media resource.
10000 users
Pivot. Create a social network for regional communities where 20% are verified and 25% are connected in a network of friendly communities.
100000 users
One year from now, communities of Belarusians in all major European cities.
1000000 users
A network of communities of Europeans and emigrants in all major European cities.
product info
  • target group
    Active young people 25-42 years old, both genders, mostly married or in a couple, passionate about sports, self-development, interested in social life, working, have children, pet lovers.
  • client needs
    To follow the activities of communities that are in the circle of their interests, find friends, countrymen, discuss important events, decisions, read news, But to be able to quickly review and not to sit in endless chats, not to lose important information.
  • What is the product and what will it be
    A platform to implement my social activities. I have a family, a job, everything outside of my personal life and career is now not in chat rooms, but in one place - my yoga club, the parents' committee, and volunteer organizations. That said, my personal information is not available to the platform.
  • business purpose
    Engage as many people as possible in social activities, put together a picture of interests by region, set up the generation of content (news, cases, articles, events). Attract foundations and sponsors to the platform.
team and technologies
  • permanent team of 10 people, working together for over 2 years
  • Commercial legal entity registered in the EU
  • Servers are located in the EU
  • Stack: front-end JS react, back-end PHP
  • Storing personal data - SSI protocol
  • Telegram 1 Mld
  • Facebook 5 Mld.
  • Discord 100 Mln
  • Criptpad
ROY.TEAM is a social network created by people who started life from scratch in another country
Join us
Together we will create the largest network of regional communities for friendship, work and support.